Make sure the price is right with market research

Is pricing an art or a science? Have you reviewed your pricing for your products or services recently? The promise of the new year lies ahead. One way to help ensure it’s a profitable one is to re-evaluate your company’s … Continued

Family businesses need succession plans, too

You have worked hard in your business. You’ve built it from the ground up. Your whole family has been the backbone of the company to keep moving it forward. Now as you get closer to retirement, do you have a … Continued

Getting ahead of the curve on emerging technologies

Technology is the buzz in almost all industries. How is it going to affect my business? Should I look into technology even if I don’t understand it? Technology can be overwhelming, confusing, frustrating, but also rewarding. Through the rest of … Continued

Devote some time to internal leadership development

What is the most important asset to your business?  Is it your reputation for providing quality products or services, your facilities that include the latest technology, or is it your people that pull all of these aspects of a business … Continued

Taking the hybrid approach to cloud computing

Has your business considered going to the cloud? The cloud can be confusing – let us help clarify. For several years now, cloud computing has been touted as the perfect way for companies large and small to meet their software … Continued

3 ways to get more from your marketing dollars

A strong economy leads some company owners to cut back on marketing. Why spend the money if business is so good? Others see it differently — a robust economy means more sales opportunities, so pouring dollars into marketing is the … Continued

A strong BYOD policy combines convenience with security

  Employees are constantly on the go today. Therefore, as they work in the office, remotely or are traveling, they are accessing your company’s network via a smartphone, tablet or laptop. It’s easy to understand why more and more businesses … Continued

Are you ready to expand to a second location?

Most business owners want to grow their companies. And one surefire sign of growth is when ownership believes the company can expand its operations to a second location. If your business has reached this point, or is nearing it, both … Continued

Prepare for valuation issues in your buy-sell agreement

Every business with more than one owner needs a buy-sell agreement to handle both expected and unexpected ownership changes. When creating or updating yours, be sure you’re prepared for the valuation issues that will come into play. Issues, what issues? … Continued